This website was created as a repository for the diverse material I have discovered during my decades long research into my genealogy and family history. I have organized my findings into the following collections:

PEOPLE – Here you will find biographies and short stories about the people in my family, as well as about their friends, acquaintances, and neighbors.

JOURNEYS – This is where you will find the stories about my research adventures.

PHOTOS – Look through this collection of images dating back into the 1800s up to the present. You never know whether or not you may find a long lost family member.

MIGRATION – The movements of our families follow the paths of human migration. Check here for maps and stories.

In addition, please peruse the portfolios at the bottom of the main page where you will find charts illustrating several FAMILY TREES, a variety of PERSONAL REMEMBRANCES provided by family members, as well as an assortment of BONUS MATERIAL not likely to be found elsewhere.

All the material contained on this site is covered under copyright. However, it is my desire that fellow family research travelers who would like to use it for personal use please contact me to request my permission to do so. I also hope that those who find references to their family will share interesting information that may be included here.

Jean Taeuffer