A Place in History

Vus you dere, Charlie?


Great social change occurred and continues to occur during the lifetimes of those born between 1946 and 1964. Not all of it has been for the better.

The Polio Vaccine Comes to Healdsburg

Jean Taeuffer Recalls September 11th


World War II defined a generations of people who mindfully put the greater good above their own selfish desires.

Richard Buchignani, Veteran

San Francisco World’s Fair 1939 – A Pageant of the Pacific


The Great War, the war fought to end all wars, shattered the genteel illusions of many young people and none of them were left untouched.

George Lindel Harris, Casualty of War – Part 1

George Lindel Harris, Casualty of War – Part 2

THE 1800s

America in the 19th century witnessed numerous life altering events including Western Expansion, Civil War, and the California Gold Rush.

Abner Vanderwalker’s Gold Rush Adventure

John Congleton’s Saw Mill

Aden C. Congleton, Late Bloomer

THE 1700s

The “great experiment” was the revolutionary idea that it was possible to have a country ruled by the common people. In order to test that hypothesis they needed to have a revolution.

Coming soon: Isaac Vanderwalker, Our American Patriot

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