Family Trees

How do we all fit together?

In genealogy, like in baseball, sometimes you can’t tell the players without a program! Not to worry, these charts might make it a little easier to sort us all out…


To find an answer to the question “where did we come from?” it is helpful to take a look at pedigree charts. These images trace our blood lines back through direct ancestors. They allow us to start with someone we know and work backwards.

Taeuffer/Scheuer & Vanderwalker/Congleton Pedigrees

Buchignani & Giorgi Pedigrees


Descendant charts help us to visualize the family unit and provide context for “who did they grow up with?” They give us a peek into the various collateral lines that tie us all together.

Taeuffers in Alsace

Congleton & Taeuffer Descendants

Vanderwalker & Call Descendants

Giorgi & Giancoli/Lucchesi Descendants


Here are the charts for those friends, associates and neighbors family groups (the FAN club – thanks to Elizabeth Shown Mills for coining the phrase). Perhaps not related by DNA, but oh so important to our life experiences.

Grabner & Pauli Families

Hoopes & Allen Families

Hanlen & Holland Families


But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Giorgi Family Wedding Photos

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