Family Trees

Genealogists have many reasons for doing the research. For me, the primary goal is to find family. And by that I mean the broadest definition of family, which includes not only ancestors and blood relatives, but also those associated people who were a part of their lives.


Pedigree image resizedTo find an answer to the question “where did we come from?” it is helpful to take a look at pedigree charts. These images trace our blood lines back through direct ancestors. They allow us to start with someone we know and work backwards.

Taeuffer-Scheuer-Congleton-Vanderwalker Pedigrees

Buchignani-Giorgi Pedigrees




Descendant image resizedDescendant charts help us to visualize the family unit and provide context for “who did they grow up with?” They give us a peek into the various collateral lines that tie us all together.

Taeuffer Descendants in Alsace

Congleton & Taeuffer Descendants

Vanderwalker & Call Descendants



Extended FamilyHere are the charts for those friends, associates and neighbors family groups (the FAN club – thanks to Elizabeth Shown Mills for coining the phrase). Perhaps not related by DNA, but oh so important to our life experiences.

Grabner-Pauli Descendants

Hanlen – Holland Charts




Gedcom alternate image resizedThe gedcom files bring everything together into “one big happy family.” All the messy collateral lines are here and it can get pretty complicated. But isn’t that a universal element of “family?”






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