Family Charts – Hanlen & Holland

Cliff and June Hanlen 800x900My stepchildren were fortunate to spend a great deal of their childhoods in Arizona with their maternal grandparents, Cliff Hanlen and June Holland. This wonderful couple also recognized how much I cared about their grandchildren and they have always made me, their daughter’s ex-husband’s new wife, feel very much a part of their extended family. No DNA match required.

June’s family hails from Texas. Her grandfather, Houston Holland was born there in 1856, just eleven years after it became the 28th state in the union. June’s parents moved to Arizona in the 1920s. Cliff’s mother, Eleanor Frances Bocker, immigrated to the United States from Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, but his father, Clifford Francis Hanlen Sr.’s family had been in the United States much longer, traveling from Iowa and Illinois to Kansas before landing in Arizona.

These are their pedigree charts. Click on the image for a closer look.

Click here to download Cliff Hanlen’s pedigree chart or here to download June Holland’s pedigree chart.

Click on the images below for a look at the descendant charts for the Holland line.


Click here for Vincent Holland’s descendant chart, here for Houston Holland’s descendant chart, or here for Dudley Holland’s descendant chart.

Below is the Hanlen descendant chart. Click here to download a copy.

Descendant Chart for  Unknown Hanlen

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