Family Charts – Vanderwalker & Call Descendants

1824 - Isaac Vanderwarker tombstone 800hThe Vanderwalker/Vanderwarker/Vanderwarken family tree goes back to Colonial times in the early 1600s. They were a prominent family in upstate New York near Saratoga and included at least two patriots who fought in the American Revolution. My ancestors, of course, were in the branch of the family that left town to seek their fortunes elsewhere.

This is my biological line through my great grandmother, Agnes Call.

Click on the images below for a closer look at the early Vanderwerken/Vanderwarker/Vanderwalker lines.

For Isaac Vanderwerker’s chart click here, or for Isaac I. Vanderwalker’s chart click here, or for Isaac I. Vanderwalker Jr.’s chart click here.

Agnes Call was the birth daughter of Isaac Vanderwalker Jr. but she was raised by John and Mary Call. So she gets to show up as a daughter on the John Call descendant chart as well as on the Isaac Vanderwalker Jr.’s.

Descendant Chart for  John Call

To get a copy of John Call’s chart click here.

Agnes Call was married twice and had two families spaced quite far apart in time. To read about her interesting and eventful life, start The Early Years.

Descendant Chart for  Agnes Louise Call

For a copy of Agnes’ chart click here

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