Painting The Past

When I started painting, my mentor suggested using old family photos as reference material. These images would be deeply familiar and meaningful to a new painter, keeping me working when the paint didn’t cooperate. Over the years, I’ve developed a whole body of work illustrating my early life and my family history. I hope you enjoy these images. — Joanne Taeuffer

(Click on any image to see a larger version.)

The ‘Rents….

I’ve used this image of my Dad and his tractor as the starting point for a number of paintings. It’s so iconic. This photo of my mother inspired me because of her choice of companion and footwear. I’m also a big fan of cats and crazy socks.

More Family Portraits

The painting of an airman from World War II is my Uncle Richard Buchignani, who was killed in air raid in the South Pacific. A transfer of an enlarged version of the telegraph announcing he was missing in action makes a somber backdrop for his rakish stance. Other family images include a younger Richard with a Coke bottle, my grandfather Victor Buchignani at the saloon where he worked in the early 20th century, and my cousin Mildred Harris Farrell as a young girl at the Russian River.

Down On the Farm

These images document life on the prune ranch, from the trees in different seasons to the workers during harvest. Thanks to Kay Schmidt Robinson for letting me use her photo of the family orchard truck for the painting below.

It’s All About Me…

I can’t resist painting my much younger self and my favorite childhood memories. I’ve included a painting celebrating the annual Halloween window painting contest in Healdsburg, circa 1960, and an image of my sister Judi and I at breakfast camping at Lassen Volcanic National Park circa 1955.

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