Family Charts – Congleton & Taeuffer Descendants

John E Congleton migration road map 800hMy great great grandparents, John E. Congleton and Almira Almy had a large family. But like most families in the 19th century, not all of their eleven children would make it to adulthood. Learning where each of them had been born allowed me to trace the meandering migration path they took across America which finally lead them to settle in California.


Descendant Chart for  John E Congleton

Click here for a copy of John E.’s descendants.

My father’s maternal line goes through John E. Congleton’s son, my great grandfather, George Congleton who married Agnes Call (nee Vanderwalker). My father’s paternal side of this generation is represented by Ernest Taeuffer and Sophie Scheuer.

Click on the images to get a better look at George and Ernest’s descendants.

To download George’s chart click here or for Ernest’s click here.

Birdie Taeuffer 800h
Aunt Birdie Taeuffer

My grandfather, John Taeuffer married May Congleton. Eugenia Selestine Hoar (known as Aunt Birdie) first married May’s brother, Claude Congleton. After she was widowed, she married John Taeuffer’s brother, George Taeuffer, making her May’s sister-in-law twice. Kind of. Apparently, “It’s Complicated” was around a long time before Facebook.


Click on the images for a closer look.

Click here for John’s descendants or here for Eugenia’s.

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