Family Charts – Hoopes & Allen

Ronald George Hoopes was born and raised in the small town of Casa Grande, Arizona. After graduating high school, Ron spent his career in the beverage industry, holding various positions in production and maintenance management. Despite the fact that he spent the last ten years of his life in California, he always proudly referred to himself as a “Zany ‘Zoni.”

Below is Ron’s pedigree chart.

For a downloadable version of Ron’s chart, click here.

Ron’s parents were George Arthur Hoopes and Barbara Allen. George was born in Phoenix, Arizona on October 24, 1929, and would live his entire life in Arizona. Although Barbara was born in South Gate, California on November 13, 1929, her family roots were also in Arizona. When she was a small girl, the Allen family returned to Arizona where Barbara would live the rest of her life.

George Hoopes and Barbara Allen attended high school together in the small town of Thatcher, Arizona. Seven months after they graduated, on December 27, 1950, they were married. Before long, George was drafted into the Army and the young couple moved to Geneva, New York where they would welcome the first two of their three sons in 1951 and 1952. They then returned to Arizona where their third son was born in 1954. Barbara used to say that at that time she was juggling three boys all in diapers.

Below are George and Barbara’s pedigree charts. Click on the image for a closer look.

To access a downloadable version of George’s pedigree chart, click here, or for Barbara’s click here.

George Hoopes’ parents were Grover Hoopes and Nora Estelle Lamoreaux. Grover was born in St. David, Arizona Territory on April 20, 1892, to George Arthur Hoopes and Charlotte Iris Curtis, born in Idaho and Utah Territory, respectively. Nora Lamoreaux was born April 1, 1894, in Dingle, Idaho to Archibald Lamoreaux and Lydia Crockett, both born in Utah Territory.

Grover Hoopes completed high school at Gila Academy in Thatcher, Arizona. After a 3-year mission in the Pacific NW building and repairing LDS churches, he returned to Thatcher and in 1919 married Nora Lamoreaux, with whom he had been corresponding.

Nora Lamoreaux graduated from Hubbard Normal School in 1910 and, unlike most young women of that time, continued her education. After completing her studies at Gila Academy in Thatcher, as well as her Mormon mission in the mid-West (also unusual for a woman at that time), she taught Home Economics.

Grover studied manual training in high school and could read and make blueprints. As a young man he worked as a carpenter, then taught manual training at a boys’ reform school before purchasing the hardware store that he would run for the rest of his life.

Below are Grover and Nora’s pedigree charts. Click on an image for a larger version.

For a downloadable version of Grover’s chart click here, or for Nora’s click here.

Barbara Allen’s parents were Marcus D. Allen and Georgia Haws. Marcus was born September 13, 1903, in Thatcher, Arizona to Ephraim Johnson Allen and Nancy Evaline Pace, both born in Utah Territory. Georgia was born January 7, 1904, in Guadalupe, Mexico to George Martin Haws and Susan Ann Cluff, both born in Utah Territory.

As a child, Marcus (or Mark as he was called) suffered through various medical problems, but he grew to be a strong man. Always possessing good mechanical skills, he worked maintaining electrical systems for the local church and college while attending high school. In 1923, he and fellow Gila Academy graduate Georgia Haws traveled to Salt Lake City to be married in the temple.

Georgia Haws was born January 7, 1904, in Guadalupe, Mexico to George Martin Haws and Susan Ann Cluff. Her father was in Mexico to establish a Mormon polygamist colony and practiced polygamy in accordance with church policy. Georgia’s mother Susan was his second wife. His first wife was Josephine Cluff, Susan’s sister. Georgia remembered her father’s third wife Martha Henrietta (Etta) Wall fondly, referring to her as her second mother. Georgia lived a brief time in Mexico before the family relocated to Pima, Arizona when she was a young child. Their branch of the family returned to Juarez in 1910 but then left Mexico permanently in 1912. They moved between Mesa, Gilbert, and Thatcher before eventually settling in Pima, Arizona in 1921.

Soon after they were married, Mark and Georgia moved to Southern California in 1925 where Mark found work as superintendent for an electrical construction company. In 1932, Mark took an 18-month job in Hawaii installing a fire alarm system and his family returned to Thatcher while he was away. They moved back to South Gate in 1933 upon his return. But due to the ongoing financial difficulties of the Depression they returned to Thatcher, Arizona in 1935. Mark found work there as superintendent of Buildings and Grounds at Gila Jr. College where he would work until retirement.

Below are pedigree charts for Marcus and Georgia. Click on the image for a closer look.

To get a downloadable version of Marcus’s pedigree chart click here, or for Georgia’s click here.

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