Bonus Material

Stuff you won’t find anywhere else…



Sometimes only a portrait of a memory will suffice.

Painting The Past

Off on the next adventure


The path that a family researcher follows is never as direct or as fruitful as anticipated. But the twists and turns that can swing us from bitter disappointments to joyful discoveries are all part of the fun. And the thrill of the hunt is often the whole point!

How I Found My Buchignani Connection

KEEP LOOKING: More on that elusive Congleton family…

The Day the Taeuffers Returned to Frohmuhl

John Congleton’s Saw Mill

Funghi 800h


The texture of life is made up from many elements and influences. A beloved teacher, the unique vernacular of a family, a favorite food or an important place, they are all part of the passing parade.

Best. Teacher. Ever.

Jean’s Favorite California Repositories

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