Personal Remembrances

Family is a community that includes an array of points of view. These are some memories that my family has agreed to share. If you would like to add your two cents worth, please let me know!

Painting The Past

Where Have All the Young Men Gone?

When I started painting, my mentor suggested using old family photos as reference material. These images would be deeply familiar and meaningful to a new painter, keeping me working when the paint didn’t cooperate. Over the years, I’ve developed a whole body of work illustrating my early life and my family history. I hope you enjoy these images. — Joanne Taeuffer

See all Joanne’s Family Photo paintings.

Prune Season on the Taeuffer Ranch


Ernest Taeuffer standing in the dry yard, circa 1910.

Prune season was a major event in the annual cycle of our lives. It was the culmination of our economic year and always a communal experience. These are my memories of harvest on the Taeuffer Ranch, 788 Magnolia Drive, Healdsburg, circa 1955 – 1970.  –- Joanne Taeuffer

The Cast of Characters

Getting In the Harvest

My Mother The Morale Officer and More

The Food, The Food!


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